wolfie3000 23:53 24 Oct 05

I know this is a little off topic but i was wondering if anyone knew of any good games for a 9 yr old girl as my niece is with me for the holidays and what with all the rain there isnt much else.
Im after any freeware games or online games,
something fun and educational if possible.

  Dan the Doctus 23:59 24 Oct 05

click here is a good site but you'll have to hunt around for young childrens' games.

  wolfie3000 00:00 25 Oct 05

thanks but i looked all around that site earlier but my niece didnt like any of them lol.

  Dan the Doctus 00:08 25 Oct 05 today :( Ok, have a look at click here

  splork 00:13 25 Oct 05

700 free flash games. You can download a 100 game version too click here

  wolfie3000 00:14 25 Oct 05

cheers dan but i think shes after games that are more ummm whats the word?
Well put it this way she has an xbox at home i think shes after games like the ones she runs on that if possible,
More graphic intensive if you know what i mean.

  splork 00:16 25 Oct 05

This is a brilliant little game too click here

  wolfie3000 00:19 25 Oct 05

the games she wants have to like lego racers on the xbox that sort of game 3d and stuff as she has played on the xbox she doesnt like little flash games and such kids today indeed,
Thanks for the links guys but i know my niece she will not play those types of games.

  splork 00:20 25 Oct 05

You'll just have to look through some demos eh click here

  wolfie3000 00:28 25 Oct 05

just had a quick browse through plenty of demos but really after freeware but spot on with the type of games apart from the 15+ rating on some but what im after is something like you would play on an xbox thats suitable for a 9 yr old thats freeware.

  wolfie3000 00:30 25 Oct 05

all the games on my pc are not suitable for her i.e. Halo, doom and such.

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