pauliney 09:51 28 Jan 05

can anyone give advise of why I can only play online games such sites as pogo when I disable
nis thanks

  mattyc_92 10:56 28 Jan 05

NIS might have the option "disable popups" and "advertising"... (the "advertising" option sometimes stops games from being loaded)

  PsiFox 11:48 28 Jan 05

Or you may not have told the firewall to allow this application through.


  ACOLYTE 12:00 28 Jan 05

Is your Java version up to date? i think its a java site,and as said you may need to hold Ctrl down while clicking the link to the game.

  pauliney 15:57 28 Jan 05

your right it is a java site
have updated java
tried to hold down Ctrl
will look at nis to disable popups not sure with nis as to where to look

  pauliney 17:07 28 Jan 05

thanks all (sorted)

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