misters 21:36 18 Aug 03

Why cant my friends pc running XP not play games?

I'm sorry if that question sounds bland but that is all the info i have.
thanx in advance.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:39 18 Aug 03

Dunno.........sorry if this answer is bland but more info is needed...symptoms, error messages, you know the drill.


  steve12345 23:20 18 Aug 03

Try running it in different "compatability modes".
Right-Click the game icon and select the compatability tab.

  Ironman556 23:38 18 Aug 03

If compatibility mode doesn't work, try looking on the official game website to see if there are any patched avaliable, some games won't run on XP unless they are patched.

...Unless it's a hardware problem, in which case try updating the graphics drivers. If you can get more info it would be helpful.

  ordep 07:40 19 Aug 03

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