Game graphics not great

  aca 10:48 09 Jan 11


Pentium D 4 2.8gh
1 gig RAM
X700 PCIe
XP pro

Son is playing World of Warcraft and is having to use the lowest video settings to make it playable or framerate drops too low. Have followed support advice:
latest catalyst drivers
deleted game cache files
System way above minimum requirements so cant work out what else I can do. (other than upgrading graphics card)

  User-312386 10:56 09 Jan 11

Is it a laptop or a desktop? I would add more ram as 1GB is a little paltry! 2BG should relieve the cache.

  aca 14:04 09 Jan 11

thanks, its a desktop

  GaT7 15:22 09 Jan 11

What version of WoW is it?

If it's the new one (Cataclysm), then it won't run properly on your spec - this is your system's score: click here & scroll down to 'System Specs'.

I have a much more powerful system (in comparison), but only the 2Gb RAM appears to be OK - CPU & GPU are a bit off: click here. G

  GaT7 15:34 09 Jan 11

I'm sorry, your system score link should have been click here - the CPU score increases a little, but it's still lacking by a fair margin. G

  aca 16:03 09 Jan 11

Crossbow, thanks

so looks like low detail settings it is then!

couple of additional questions:

Will increasing RAM to 2 gig make much difference?
If yes can I put in PC2-5300 sticks alongside the PC2-5200 that are in there (accepting that they will run at slower speed)

Will upping graphics card to say an x-1950 do much?

thanks again

  GaT7 16:33 09 Jan 11

Yes, I think you will need to upgrade both the graphics card & RAM at the very least.

To 2Gb for the RAM & a X9150 (GPU) should be OK, but where will you get the latter from?

And note that your power supply (PSU) needs to be good enough to run the new GPU - so tell us the PSU make & model number.

Is the PC case a slim-type or standard size one? If you don't know, what's the PC make & model number (or the PC case make & model number if applicable)? G

  aca 17:22 09 Jan 11

Crossbow, thats settled it!

he has xbox 360 for gaming, other than WoW so he will have to settle for low settings

many thanks

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