Game Freeze

  hugget 19:32 24 Mar 08

Please can anyone help,
WheneverI try to play a game on the PC it runs for a few seconds then freezes and I have to restart the PC. I have updated the motherboard and graphics card drivers but this hasn't helped.
The system spec is as follows.
Windows Home edition.
Asrock 4 core Dual-VSTA
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
Geil 2GB Memory
ATI 1650 PRo PCI Express.

Regards Huggett

  mrwoowoo 21:22 24 Mar 08

What games? All of them or any particular ones.
Have you got the latest direct x installed?
Does everything else run ok such as watching dvd's etc?

  STREETWORK 22:47 24 Mar 08

Often its a problem with the sound card, update any drivers from the manufacturers website

Also, update the drivers for the ATI card...

  hugget 22:34 25 Mar 08

Thanks mrwoowoo and streetwork.
The problem happens with all games but dvd's are ok, latest direct x is installed, as are all updated drivers.
regards Hugget.

  mrwoowoo 22:58 25 Mar 08

So many things it could be.
Low disk space
psu failing or not powerfull enough

?Fragmented disk

?Too many programs open simultaneously

?Low CPU speed

?Corrupt files

?Software bugs

?Overheating - random lockups that start several minutes after you start up the PC are often the result of the processor cooling fan not working properly

?Some non-standard applications are suspect with freezing problems

?Memory chip problems

If you know it started recently,do a restore to before that time in case it's a software problem or programme you recently installed.
1. clean inside of pc of dust.
2. defrag.
3. virus scan.
4. spyware scan.
5. turn off all running programmes when playing a game.Better still,disable programmes at start up.
6. re check driver to make sure you downloaded the correct version for your card and O.S.

  STREETWORK 06:53 26 Mar 08

Enter the game and look at the sound settings, see if you can later tem there.

Also, believe it or not, plugging in a microphone sometimes does the trick...

  mrwoowoo 14:40 26 Mar 08

Did you have framework 2.0 or higher installed before you installed the ati driver.
Guessing you did,if you had no probs before.

  Totally-braindead 15:14 28 Mar 08

I would be tempted to think overheating is the most common cause of problems of this type as it only happens when you play games. Playing games will stress the graphics card making it work hard and causing it to fail. Playing DVDs will not stress the card to the same degree and therefore it wouldn't get so hot and consequently wouldn't overheat.
I would do the clean out suggested inside the case and make sure the fans are all running, particularly the one on the graphics card.

sounds like a heat issue to me to, run click here minimise it and it will display all readable temps in the top r/h/s of you screen as soon as the game starts, ie before the freeze alt/tab and check temps of grx, cpu and motherboard.

  hugget 21:57 02 Apr 08

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I have tried them all but still having gaming problems. The game I am using is Attack on Pearl Harbor, works fine on other PC,s When I try to play the game I get the following Windows error message,
"Thread stuck in device drive, manualy decrease hardware acceleration" I have done this but still get the same Windows error message.

  Totally-braindead 22:41 02 Apr 08

I wonder what graphics that game requires?

I think I'm right in saying that the 1650 pro is a poor card and that might be the problem.

Looking at the retail price of this card its sub £40 and a card at this level will struggle with many games even some older ones. Newer games theres not a chance they will run at all.

I think you need a new better graphics card.

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