Game Developer contact sought

  Splodge 16:12 07 Nov 05

Hi all,
Believe it or not, I dreamed, what seemed all night, that I was playing a new computer game!
Surpringly, when I woke up, the memory did not disappear into limbo as usually happens. I remembered it..and it would work!

Can anyone direct me towards a company who might be able to convert the idea into reality and pay me something for the idea!

I would be MOST grateful. By the way I play Hearts a lot on Zone, have 7 Nicknames and all have good scores (without having to cheat) so I guess that is what triggered the dreams.

  De Marcus™ 16:20 07 Nov 05

Hello splodge, I can put you in touch with my own company (that i work for) and a few others, Electornic Arts/Mindvision if the game has mass potential. First things first though, outline your idea, produce a base story, how it works, what platforms you'd hope it to be played on and it's target audience, that's enough for starters. Secondly, be prepared to flog your idea, research it thoroughly. Thirdly, if your not comfortable, telling anyone your idea, get someone who is.

Lastly, be prepared for a slating, the world of gaming can be bit cut throat, but that said if your idea has good potential you should be ok.

  De Marcus™ 01:22 18 Dec 05

Congratulations splodge.

Splodge is now in talks with a major game developer.

  PaulB2005 09:20 18 Dec 05

Please keep us informed....

  vinnyT 09:51 18 Dec 05

Hi Splodge, how do you know you're not still dreaming ;-)

  vinnyT 09:52 18 Dec 05

Though, having just look at the date of the original post, long dream.

  Splodge 11:19 18 Dec 05

I am due to have a meeting with the games company on 13th January to discuss improving the game to help its' viability.

The Managing Director wrote:

"We see a very limited games toys puzzles on a one to one basis, so this is indeed an opportunity that we would love to explore further with you".

Not bad for a 75 year old. lol

  vinnyT 13:01 19 Dec 05

Nice one, lots of luck.

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