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  Spr 28 Feb 12

Trying to step up a game controller (from Xbox 360) on my grandson PC/Laptop. In control panel I have opened game control nothing is shown, I’ve tried loading in new hardware nothing happens. Is it possible to have a 360 game controller work on a PC they are both from Micro Soft so you would expect them to be compatible. I’m running Vista 64 bits Thank you

  chub_tor 28 Feb 12

Personally, just because they're both from Microsoft, I certainly wouldn't expect them to be compatible. The X-Box and PC are hugely different machines. Can you run Microsoft Word on the X-Box? I don't think so (but I may be wrong)- and they're both from Microsoft. It may be different with game controllers, of course.

Personally, I'd have thought you were about to let yourself in for a world of hurt (the thread chub_tor noted is, I think, evidence of that). You may enjoy tinkering to try to get things to work - sometimes, I do - but when a PC-compatible games controller can be had for very little money, I think I'd limit the time I spent trying to get the X-Box controller to work on the PC.

  KRONOS the First 28 Feb 12

A Xbox controller should work perfect well with a PC. I have one myself for the odd game that needs a game pad.(Dead Space 1 for example). you should not need to install drivers, though I must admit I have no experience of Vista but it works very well on Windows 7 64Bit.

Interesting, Chronus. I stand corrected... :-)


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