Gainward 7800GS+ AGP

  Clepto Pope 12:33 03 Dec 06

Hi there,

I have had my Gainward 7800GS+ AGP card now for about 6 months, just in the last two weeks, i play some very graohically intence games such as HL2 etc.. and the game artifacts after around 40 mins of gameplay.

Now, i have not OC`d the card, BUT i did just dust the machine out yesterdfay with some Dustoff can spray which blew no end of crap out the GFX cooler.

Now im thinking that the card was over heating as since then (touch wood) its been fine.

The case is WELL ventilated and runs around 38c.

The card ranges from 34 - 49c at peak.

Any other ideas? as i dont think its faulty .. just was not cooling as well....

  Totally-braindead 12:37 03 Dec 06

If after doing this spring clean the card has stopped showing this problem then I would think thats the answer, it was the dust.

  Clepto Pope 12:39 03 Dec 06

Thanks for the quick reply.. i was just wondering of anyone else has done the same thing and this has solved the problem. Once again, thanks :-)

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