ga 7nnxp- best place for connection info please?

  eh? 16:16 08 Aug 06

Can anyone point me to a good clear site to find out where the connectors for mobo ga7nnx please?
Have been looking but am getting nowhere fast.
Many thanks

  Stuartli 16:19 08 Aug 06

Difficult to understand what you mean, but the Gigabyte motherboard's manual should help.

  eh? 16:23 08 Aug 06

Sorry for garble, am fedup now, been trying to do this all day, am currently looking on the gigabyte website, am trying to find out where the pwr and reset etc leads plug into the mobo- or more specifically which way round.
Will plough on....
Thanks anyway!

  eh? 16:31 08 Aug 06

ok, think i found it, may have to report back if it dont work tho!

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