GA-6WMM7 REV 2.0

  I-W 12:31 05 Apr 05

Hi ya, I'v got a PAckard Bell pc which is about 8 years old. I'm looking to upgrade it while keeping the cost down to minimum. The mobo is a GA-6WMM7 REV 2.0, the ram is so low I had to dig for it. I believe it's sub 128 (63 MB I think). And for the cpu It's an Genuineintel x86 family 6 model 8 stepping 3. I understand that when building a PC you start off with the CPU and go from there. I would like to keep the Mobo, if possible and up grade the ram and cpu. I'm not after a top of the range PC as It's goning to be for the kids and sharing a broadband connection. So a low to mid range pc would do. Could anyone give me some ideas or pointers on where to go about upgrading the cpu and ram an this mobo, If It's at all possible. Many thanks.

  dan11 12:43 05 Apr 05

it looks as if the maximum ammout of memory you can put in is 512Mb ( 2 X 256) of pc133 sdram.
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  I-W 12:46 05 Apr 05

Cheer's, thats what I was hoping for. Can you enlighten me on the cpu upgrade?

  dan11 12:48 05 Apr 05

A list of supported cpu's for your board.
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please note that some are not supported. the pentium 111 coppermine 850Mhz seems about the best. Not a bad chip, if you can get hold of one. :-)

  dan11 13:03 05 Apr 05

If you upgraded the socket 370 computer to 512Mb of ram £89 and found a second hand Pent 111 850 Mhz £20?. That would cost over a hundred.

An option may be to get a new fast motherboard, fast cpu and fast memory for £96.

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  I-W 13:17 05 Apr 05

That looks great. Many thanks for your help.

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