G604 ADSL Router...Internet Anyone?

  lukealexander 21:49 26 Jun 05

Forgive me for being dense, but routers are not one of my strongpoints. I bought today a D-Link G604 Wireless Router/ADSL Modem, along with its USB adaptor for my pc. Some issues:
1. There was no software to install for the router iteslf on the pc, is this right?

2. In the diagnostics, it tells me im connected to the DSL network at 576/4000, which is how it should be (Bulldog DSL)

3. Previously I connected through a BT Voyager 100 USB Modem. In this I had to "dial up" to get online.

Basically, the problem I'm having is, how to i get from having these two guys talk to each other, to getting online. What do I click? Ive entered all my ISP settings, but I still dont know what I should be doing. Ive read the other relavant posts here but nothing seems to be what I need. Thanks

  mgmcc 09:25 27 Jun 05

<<<There was no software to install for the router iteslf on the pc, is this right?>>>

Yes, because you are not *installing* the router in a PC. The router is a "stand alone" device which connects to the ISP and then "routes" the internet traffic to the appropriate computers connected to it on the LAN. There is normally a web-based interface with which to configure the router's settings, accessed by typing the router's default IP address into your web browser.

<<<Previously I connected through a BT Voyager 100 USB Modem. In this I had to "dial up" to get online.>>>

As above, it is the *router*, not a connected PC, which connects directly to the ISP. If the router is set up correctly, it should automatically "dial up" and establish the connection with the ISP when it is booted (powered up). Then, with the router already online, as soon as your PC has finished booting it should automatically be connected to the internet.

Don't try to get online with the PC by trying to access the ISP directly. The router does that and the PC's internat access is over the Local Area Network.

  Taff36 12:24 28 Jun 05

I know you`ve marked this as resolved but are you now surfing OK. The D-Link can be difficult to set up if you follow their instructions so if you get stuck post a new thread and I`ll pick it up later today.

  brigez 01:13 29 Jun 05

I set one of these up about 6 weeks ago, had a few probs getting to connect to the internet and pc. I called their helpline, which is not a premium number, and the tech got me going in about 2 minutes. The set up instructions that are supplied are basic, but the helpline is well worth a try.

  Taff36 08:13 29 Jun 05

Resolved but how?

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