G-mail is on a go-slow today?

  wee eddie 19 Nov 13

my G-mail seems to be on a go-slow today.

Is it just a problem at G-mail, or a problem between G-mail and IE11, that I have just downloaded?

  chub_tor 19 Nov 13

I have a gmail account that I use with IE11 and no problem here.

  wee eddie 20 Nov 13

I think that it relates to the new "Insert/Photo" Software

  Lazarus The 2nd 25 Nov 13

Spam, FE Informed..

  Lazarus The 2nd 25 Nov 13

Skip that, He already has been..

  wee eddie 03 Dec 13

Opening speed, of each eMail seems to have improved of late.

This appears to be associated to my opening, and deleting, a batch of about 40 eMails sent by a Facebook related site.

It does not seem to be related to the amount of Storage, that I am using, which is close to zero.

I will set this as solved, although I have no idea what has solved the problem!

  wee eddie 03 Dec 13

What is it between me and Gmail, we've been fine for years.

Is it that I have removed Java, perhaps

  rdave13 05 Dec 13

It could be an Adblocker that's causing it.

  rdave13 05 Dec 13

As a matter of fact since I just installed Adblocker plus ( from here) which is compatible with IE11, Gmail was slow and sometimes unresponsive. Disabling ABP on the Gmail site and it works as fast as ever.


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