G Mail account

  Dirty Dick 20:15 22 Jun 05

Heard a lot about G Mail, but how do you sign up for an account? I've searched Google, but can only find info, no details how to sign up



  De Marcus 20:16 22 Jun 05

Click on my yellow envelope and email me, you have to be invited and I've got a zillion invites left.

  VoG II 20:16 22 Jun 05


Click my yellow envelope and I'll send you one.

  mattyc_92 20:56 22 Jun 05

Sorry to "hijack" your thread Dirty Dick.... Just one question to VoG™ and/or De Marcus... Could one of you send me a screen-dump of where the "invite" link is located... I realise that you it isn't up to the user if he/she wants some invites (and I don't think I have as I can't find the link), but it will be good for the future.... And obviously, remove your e-mail address from the screen-dump for privacy (and just incase the e-mail is "lost")...

Thanks anyway.... and sorry again Dirty Dick

  VoG II 21:10 22 Jun 05
  mattyc_92 21:13 22 Jun 05

Thanks VoG™.. I now realise that I am correct (well I have to be sooner or later... lol)... I haven't got any invites... Guess I have to wait until they give me some....

Sorry again Dirty Dick

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