fuzzy/blurry screen

  patty38uk 19:35 08 Jan 06

Wonder if anyone know solution to this problem. My pc screen is ok but after about 3 mins after connecting to internet (not everytime but about 2out of 3) the text/icons on screen start blurring up and moving the mouse just makes drag marks along the screen. Eventually all screen becomes unreadable and itonly rights itself if I reboot. Any ideas, anyone, it is driving me mad.

  patty38uk 20:07 08 Jan 06

in addition i have now found out it is only on certain sites - especially games

  bluto1 22:10 08 Jan 06

How long have you had the monitor? It seems to me that it`s going soft, i.e near the end of it`s useful life. The strange thing is that it`s happening to mine too but fortunately for me I`ve got another one handy. If you can get another on loan or whatever try it out and hopefully it`ll be ok.

  patty38uk 12:29 09 Jan 06

The monitor is less than a year old but tested another and the same thing happens - it seems to be related to when I access certain pages on the internet but it also then affects all my desk top items not just internet pages

  amonra 16:02 09 Jan 06

Sounds a bit like your graphics card is playing up. Can you pull it out and re-seat it ?

  Gongoozler 16:05 09 Jan 06

Is this a crt monitor or tft.

  patty38uk 12:06 10 Jan 06

its a crt monitor I think (what is the difference) sorry I am not very technically minded.

  patty38uk 12:07 10 Jan 06

will also try to reseat graphics card. thanks will let you know how I doing.

  Totally-braindead 13:15 10 Jan 06

A CRT looks basically like a telly, it has a cathode ray tube in it, hence the CRT click here. TFTs are the newer flat panel monitors like this click here

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