Function keys and projector/laptop use

  Damarc 14 Aug 11

I do presentations of powerpoint at church. Until recently the screen has always shown stuff on the laptop without bother. However a month ago, the projector retained its Dell logo and I couldn't get my laptop screen up on it until someone told me about function keys and the three alternatives available. This particular dialogue box comes up and disappears so quickly that I don't get much time to click the right option. Is there a way of fixing it to laptop/screen or keep it on either projector screen or laptop screen for a longer amount of time to choose the required option.

  northumbria61 14 Aug 11

There may be something here about "function keys" - hope this text

  northumbria61 14 Aug 11

I think this explains it best and may be what you need to know link text

  Woolwell 14 Aug 11

We do not use the function keys at our church. Instead we set the graphics output/options to extended desktop. This means that the output is on the screen via the projector and the operator has a separate screen on the laptop. We use SongPro but the same principle would apply for PowerPoint. Once set up it stays that way and the laptop automatically goes to extended display when the projector is connected.

The function key normally toggles between laptop only, projector only and both.

  Damarc 14 Aug 11

Northumbria61, that is what I have been doing. Although I thought that you had to show the dialogue box and then click on the relevant option and that was the problem because it was on and off the screen so quickly. However I think I have read that you just keep trying the Fn and in my case F8 key until both screens show. I didn't realise it toggled through on each press.

On your other link it said that you can set a default though CMOS, but I think that would be beyond me!

Woolwell, I think I would need a step by step guide as to how to achieve a set up for extended display to stay as default. I'm not sure how you do this from what you said. Thank you

  Woolwell 14 Aug 11

Need to know the OS and possibly the make and model of laptop.


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