Function Key Problem with Word 2002

  ventanas 08:48 22 Jun 04

On one the the office machines I am trying to create an Autotext macro for header and footer. No problem with defining the autotext, but when I try to create the macro, at the stage of View\Header and Footer, pressing F3, which should import the header, instead brings up a message that Word Perfect help is not installed, and do I want to install it. Eventually I got fed up with it and said yes and let it install. Now I get WP help when I press F3.

I have run the Office repair without success. Still get the damn help file.

Please does anyone have any idea how to get the F3 key to do what it should.

  Taff36 10:02 22 Jun 04

Tools > Customise > Commands Tab and then press the Keyboard button at the bottom. In the lefthand pane select all commands and scroll down the right hand pane to helpwordperfecthelp. This should obviously show the F3 key as current. If I`m right remove it. Now you`ve just got to find the right command and reassign the key.

  ventanas 10:12 22 Jun 04

Thanks very much. I think you have solved it. I will have a go when the machine becomes free.

  Taff36 08:31 24 Jun 04

How did you get on? Was I right or just building your hopes up !!

  ventanas 08:40 24 Jun 04

Sorry I didn't get back, but still working on it I'm afraid.

WP Help had no key assingmnet, so it was a dead end. I am now trying to find the correct command to assign for the macro, which may overide whatever is there at the moment. It is a bit difficult because the machine is in constant use.

Thanks for your concern. If I solve it I will post back. Probably end up wiping the thing.

  Taff36 09:07 24 Jun 04

That`s strange if F3 brings up WP Help! Just a thought - Why not assign WP help to another key combination and see if that frees up F3.

  ventanas 09:18 24 Jun 04

Good idea, thanks. The user is away from the office tomorrow so I will have a go then. I will let you know.

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