Full Wireless Signal but No Connection

  Pigdogman 13:48 28 Jan 07

When I try to connect to a wireless network at home, I get the "network is out of range" message. However, the signal strength is either Very Good or Excellent, and always shows upon refreshing the list. I've never had this problem with connecting to other wireless networks. Any ideas?

  postie24 16:26 28 Jan 07

Try repositioning the router,or resetting it.If no good,try changing the channel it operates on to another


  Pigdogman 16:55 28 Jan 07

Thanks Postie. Sorry to ask the dumb questions, but is resetting the router simply of case of switching it off, then back on again? How would I change the channel on the router?


  postie24 18:58 29 Jan 07

Yes just unplug it for 30 secs then reconnect.To change the channel,go into the router config page.
Who is your ISP?


  Pigdogman 21:36 29 Jan 07

Okay, I'll give that a go and see what happens. The ISP is either Telewest or BT, most likely the former.


  Pigdogman 21:06 05 Feb 07

I've given that a go, but no joy, alas. Any other possible ideas?


  Ashrich 23:00 05 Feb 07

Re-setting the router involves pushing in the little reset button on the back of the router , it is recessed in a little hole , you need an un-bent paper clip or something like that ( I use the inside of a biro ) hold it in , with the power to the router on , for about 20 seconds until the lights on the front of the router start to go through their reset routine . Doing this will return the router to factory conditions and you can enter all your settings again , starting from scratch , this may well sort out any glitches it has .


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