Full System Backup - Windows XP

  csc 15:11 11 Nov 03

What is the most efficient way to back up entire system (programs, data files etc) to discs (DVD)? I am looking to be able to do a full restore of my my system as it existed at back up time should hard drive fails or if virus does extensive damage. I have many programs which have been downloaded - so I don't have discs for each program to restore. Thanks

I used to use Norton Ghost but have moved to Drive Image by Powerquest

Both are good and will restore system to exactly same state as when image made

  Chegs ® 17:01 11 Nov 03

If you go for DI,be carefull with the cdr's as often,DI refuses to load from my imaged cdr set,but if I create a "full-sized" image then use another prog to split that into cdr size chunks it works faultlessly.I'm not sure if a DVD image can be loaded back as I seem to remember reading something about DVD's not being readable in DOS(Caldera DOS in DI)I have backed up all my d/l's onto a DVD disc,readable once into windows,I used DI7 to create a "live" image of my hdd,which (on reloading back to puter)crashes repeatedly so I binned the disc,and now use DI5 on floppy to create/restore my hdd's(but only between partitions,not onto removable media)

  csc 13:57 13 Nov 03

Thanks for your input (hil & cheg). I will try one of the two programs and see what happens

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