Full stop after every word

  toonfireman1746 15:59 20 Dec 10

I have the above happening when I use a word doc and what looks like musical sign at the end of every sentence.
What have I done?

  bremner 16:03 20 Dec 10

On the icons bar at the top there is a one with two vertical lines the left thicker than the right and a blob on the left one at the top. Click it and the dots will go away.

  bremner 16:06 20 Dec 10
  Sea Urchin 16:30 20 Dec 10

The show/hide button is a backward P signifying a paragraph return

  QuizMan 17:02 20 Dec 10

The "musical note" is called a pilcrow and the shortcut to turn it off hold down the shift and control keys and press *. That is the character on the 8 key, not the one on the numeric key pad.

  toonfireman1746 19:15 20 Dec 10

there is no icon on the top bar
I have that Quixman did not work

  iscanut 19:40 20 Dec 10

As bremner says, click on the symbol to show or hide. On my toolbar it is on the left of the zoom dialog box. Click on View, then Toolbars and then click on Formatting.

  Sea Urchin 19:53 20 Dec 10

On the right hand end of the formatting toolbar you should see two small arrowheads - click them and further symbols should appear including the pilcrow.

Otherwise right click on the toolbar and select Customise from the bottom of the list. Go to the Commands tab - select View and in the right hand pane you will find Show All. You can then drag the symbol onto the toolbar and drop it there.

  toonfireman1746 19:56 20 Dec 10

iscanut I have done this I now have two tool bars both the same and nether have the icon on y0u are talking about

  bremner 20:58 20 Dec 10

What version of Word is it

  QuizMan 20:59 20 Dec 10

Which version of Word are you using?

I have double checked my shortcut method in Word 2007 and it definitely works for me.

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