Full Screen Image too Large

  Procrastinus 14 Dec 12

I have installed Win 7 on a Dell Dimension with an Acer AL1916 screen. However when I go to full screen on a Firefox page for example, the image is too wide for the screen! I can shift it left/right a bit by the LCD controls, but always an edge is off the visible display. The same occurs on all full screen pages including Desktop. I have installed Win7 on several other computers and laptops with no such problem. It all was normal when XP was running on the same rig. Most peculiar! Any ideas on how to fix this annoying problem?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14 Dec 12
  Procrastinus 15 Dec 12

Thanks,Fruit Bat /\0/\ The 'oversize' is literally about 2-3mm, but that is enough to halve the slider bar on the RHS and half cut the first icon in the bookmarks menu. The screen is already on the correct resolution, but there seems to be no way of small adjustments from 1280x1024 to, say, 1270x1024. Never seen this before!!

  Procrastinus 16 Dec 12

Thanks all for your efforts! The problem is not just confined to Firefox, but to Desktop as well - the whole display is about 2-3mm bigger than the monitor screen. I will have to live with it and just keep off full screen and manually enlarge Firefox to fit the visible area. But I have never come across this before, and it seems nobody else has either!


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