full restore - now cant connect to wireless

  hebcat 23 Jan 11

Have just had a full restore on father-in-laws laptop due to it running extremely slow. previously connected to wireless no problem. but now can't seem to do so. it can see the router but can't seem to get IP address, just keeps trying to acquire network address. its connecting no problem via ethernet.

any help appreciated.

  Ashrich 25 Jan 11

Try disabling anything that could stop it connecting , firewall and wireless security ( temporarily of course ) and try connecting again . If successful try changing the security key to something different to what has been used before ..


  onthelimit 25 Jan 11

Yes, it's probably a problem with the security password

  hebcat 25 Jan 11

Where will I find the settings for security to be able to change/disable?

  Ashrich 26 Jan 11

They are stored on the wireless router itself , the key that probably needs changing is the one you enter when you try to connect to the internet wirelessly .

If you have a set up disk you can try using that to change things , some routers have a pre set security key printed on the underside or the back and some you need to log into from a browser .

Tell us the make and model of yours and someone here will be able to help further .


  hebcat 26 Jan 11

When I got the laptop back I tried connecting at both my father in laws house and my house, both are sky broadband routers and have the network key printed on the bottom of the router.

  Ashrich 26 Jan 11

When you say " had a full restore " and " when I got it back " do you mean that someone did it for you ? If so , and you paid them for it , it is their problem to get it working correctly , take it back to wherever you had the work done and get them to fix it .

If you wish to try something before taking it back I suggest un-installing the wireless card using Device Manager , then rebooting the PC and letting Windows find the card and reload the drivers for it .


  onthelimit 27 Jan 11

You could also try deleting all wireless networks, then search afresh.


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