Full HD 1080p TV v Monitor?

  kwil2 19:01 09 Mar 11

I'll soon be buying a new computer and would appreciate any thoughts on the following.
I'd originally intended buying a 22"or 24" good quality computer monitor.

However, I was wondering if it would be a better idea to buy the same size Full HD TV 1080p and use that instead, giving me the best of both worlds and allowing me to use TV as monitor and as a second unit.
Price difference doesn't appear to be much on first search.

I'm guessing connection is made via an HDMI lead from computer to TV. Yes/no?
Or is it best to go for a DVI connection?

At anyrate, I'd welcome any thoughts or suggestions, particularly from anyone who's already done this and could maybe recommend any specific Full HD 1080p TV's?
Many thanks

  OTT_B 19:54 09 Mar 11

"I'm guessing connection is made via an HDMI lead from computer to TV. Yes/no?
Or is it best to go for a DVI connection?"

If your PC and proposed TV both have HDMI ports then that's fine. The only difference between HDMI and DVI is that HDMI carries sound, DVI does not - you would need an additional audio cable in this case.

The only theoretical difference between a TV and a monitor is that a monitor can't natively display TV signals.

If you're happy that you won't want any resolution higher than 1080p then go for the TV. Monitors frequently support higher resolutions for gaming purposes.
TVs do as well, but you pay a lot more for them.

As for which TV to go for, that depends on budget and what other functionality you want in it. If you can provide more info someone I'm sure will make a suggestion!

  sunnystaines 20:15 09 Mar 11

i have a samsung t22 1080p full hd use a HDMI lead to a ATI hd graphics for audio and graphics.

also has a built in full hd tv monitor setting but not tried it.

overall very impressed

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