frostypug 11:52 26 Apr 09

Can anyone tell me how to find out what is taking up a huge amount of room on my c drive.
I only have programmes and no videos or anything that would take up a lot of room
I can then delete them

  MAJ 12:11 26 Apr 09

explain further, size of hard drive? used space? free space? operating system? etc.

  frostypug 12:22 26 Apr 09

My c drive is 113 gb used=87.9gb free=25.2 op system windows Vista

  MAJ 12:39 26 Apr 09

Chances are that most of the space is being used by system restore, Vista's use of space for SR is crap, along with Vista itself. If your PC is running well otherwise, without any problems, delete all restore points except the most recent, see how that helps your free space. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup > More Options tab.

  frostypug 13:05 26 Apr 09

I have been to disk cleanup and there is no "more options tab"

  canarieslover 14:50 26 Apr 09

Let it scan the C: drive first and then you get the 'More Options' come up.

  MAJ 19:39 26 Apr 09

Sorry, I should have elaborated.

Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup, choose your C: Drive > Click OK, then when the scan of the drive completes, you will see the "More Options" tab, click it, then click the "Clean Up" button in the "System Restore and Shadow Copies" section. You will know be asked to confirm that you want to 'delete all but the most recent restore point'. Click the "Delete" button to confirm.

  Stuartli 19:49 26 Apr 09

System Restore has a Default setting of 12 per cent, fine when XP was released and hard drives were of very much smaller capacity than today's three-figure GB capacities.

I have a 320GB drive and it's set at one per cent, which is more than ample (difficult to set it any lower); even that figure is more than 3GB dedicated to SR...:-)

  Stuartli 19:50 26 Apr 09

I don't know if the same principles apply to Vista.

  MAJ 19:54 26 Apr 09

It doesn't, Stuartli, that would be too useful. Changing the amount of space available to SR in Vista, is a little more involved. click here Classic case of 'if it aint broke, don't fix it' which MS have ignored again when it comes to Vista.

  frostypug 20:28 26 Apr 09

I have deleted all the system restore points except the most recent but it has'nt made a lot of difference
I dislike Vista but to get it taken off and putting xp on is going to cost a lot so I just put up with it
It is hard to buy a new pc now without Vista

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