Fujitsu - Amilo L's "Power Manager"

  fujitsu boy 12:26 15 Mar 05

I have just purchased a new Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L 7300 laptop computer and am very happy with my purchase except for the fact there is no proper handbook with it! Most of the computer and its 'workings' are obvious, but there is one program installed that I do not fully understand. This is the 'power manager'. What does it do??

I know if I press a hotkey it starts in the system tray and says '50% throttle', it also says, in the thin guidebook something about 'whisper mode' associated with it?

Can anybody please help me!!!

  fujitsu boy 15:21 15 Mar 05

Does NOBODY know the answer - it is really confusing me!!

  Fingees 16:16 15 Mar 05

If you go to click here

You can download a manual

Bsasically it controls the amount of current taken from the battery depending what it is being used for at the time.

If the laptop is not doing a lot, it cuts down the amount of power needed to run the thing.

Without it, it would run at max power all the time, thereby shortening time available for running on battery.

One tip, make sure you run battery down fully before recharging, otherwise battery developes a memmory and doesn't charge so well.

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