Fujitsu amilo

  LEEDASH 13:24 PM 07 Jun 11

Hi,I have recently bought a 2nd hand fujitsu amilo laptop,it has no hard drive,can I boot up to see if this actually functions off a external hard drive ? As I've noticed a USB port near where the internal hd goes,could somebody please guide me.thanks

  canarieslover 13:48 PM 07 Jun 11

Try putting your model number/serial number into the support page at Fujitsu. You may well be able to download a manual. Fujitsu support

  ams4127 17:14 PM 07 Jun 11

Personally, I doubt it because the original HDD would have had all the boot files and OS on it.

If the external HDD has the boot files on it, and BIOS will recognise it, then you might be lucky.

I think your best bet is to buy another HDD, fit it, install the OS and off you go (hopefully)

  woodchip 18:43 PM 07 Jun 11

All you need to see if it works is a Live Linux CD it will run from it if you have 512Meg Memory

Live Linux CD link

Create a CD with the Download you want, it needs to be a Desktop download, then boot with the CD in the drive


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