fuji camera

  tapsilteerie 19:03 19 Apr 07

I'm going to spain shortly-is it possible to download photos from my (fuji digital) camera on to a web site for storage and then delete the images from camera to allow me to take fresh photos.?

  Kate B 19:24 19 Apr 07

Sure, though you'll have to use an internet cafe to do it. Your ISP might give you some webspace; the best thing to do would simply be to upload the full-size images to that so you can download them again when you get home. Otherwise something like Flickr click here means that other people can see your holiday snaps; or you could open a Photobucket account click here and park them there; again for downloading when you get home.

  De Marcus™ 20:42 19 Apr 07

I'd personally just buy another card, a big one. Uploading lots of photos whilst on holiday isn't my idea of fun and will probably take an age.

  jack 14:41 20 Apr 07

An extra Card is one way cheap enoufrom the like of click here
Or a local processor and get the first full card downloaded onto a disk.then start over.

  45 Mart 15:35 20 Apr 07

I've just bought a 2 gig card for my Fuji. Cost £30. from W2W.com
9 megapixel photos and can get about 800 on the card.

  Griffon 16:16 25 Apr 07

I had the same prob when I went travelling last year for 6 weeks. I think the extra big card is a good idea but I actually opted for an Archos 402 which is a sort of ipod device with 20 GB of memory. I am soooo impressed with this thing. I can transfer my pics from my camera onto it. Listen to music, record sound. It's a camcorder and camera too. And it costs less than an ipod. What really impressed me is that it comes with mains adapters for UK, Europe and USA for when you need to charge it.

  LANDCRUISER 23:24 30 Apr 07

i like you griffon have the archos 501 this has 100g its great

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