FSB/Muliplier - What should it be?

  BigMoFoT 20:22 05 Feb 03

My CPU temperature has been getting alarmingly hot in the past couple of weeks (upto 73 dg after playin games!) and it reset last night (only presuming they are related

The FSB is set to 133/33 with the multiple being at 13 - My hardware monitor also reports the CPU fan to have failed but with the case open I find it is spinning at its normal rate!

the reason I query my FSB and multiple settings is I have recently flashed my BIOS which will allow me to insert a more powerful CPU.

I have an Asus A7V33 mobo with an XP2100+ processor, BIOS revision is 1015.

Are my settings OK or does it sound like my CPU is cooking?

Many thanks in advance!

  Djohn 20:37 05 Feb 03

133/133, FSb 256, speed 1733mhz, max temp. 90c is what the AMD site says.

Sounds though that your CPU is not making a good contact with the heatsink, or thermal paste has been applied incorrectly. average temp. for 2100 will be in the 50's

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