FSB 800 in FSB533 mobo?

  Mysticnas 19:59 02 Nov 04

Hi all,

Just wondering...

If i put a P4 3Ghz 800FSB in a motherboard that supports only 533FSB will it:

1)not work at all

2)clock it down to 533FSB and work fine

3)clock it down to 533FSB and affect the CPU frequency

4)cause any serious damage to my mobo?

Thanks all


  LastChip 21:27 02 Nov 04

It wont work at all. But if it does, it's likely to be very unstable.

Damage? Who knows!

  Mysticnas 21:29 02 Nov 04

the reason i ask is because a lot of 533FSB CPU work on a 400FSB mobo and just clock down to 400FSB.

thanks for that...

Anyone else?

  Mysticnas 22:57 02 Nov 04


  Mysticnas 12:44 04 Nov 04


  Mysticnas 13:48 18 Nov 04


  Mysticnas 20:31 19 Nov 04

isn't anyone interested?

  CurlyWhirly 20:39 19 Nov 04

I am interested but I don't know the answer to your question.
Even if the processor DID work it would be severely crippled by the slower FSB speed and also the memory MAY not work as I always thought on a 800 mhz FSB the memory was running at quad speed i.e. 4 x 200 = 800 and if so how is this going to work with the multipliers to get 533 speed?
It looks dodgy to me but I am no expert.

  smiddy 21:36 19 Nov 04

its not going to work, buy a better mobo. sorry thats it.

  Mysticnas 22:12 19 Nov 04

i have a pretty good mobo as it is. (cost me £150 when i got it a year ago).

Just that i've seen some motherboards, and owned one that could support both 400/533FSB, just wondered whether the same applied for new motherboards etc...

I'm getting a 2.8Ghz p4, but i can't seem to find one with hyperthreading.

will overclock it to around 3.2 ghz methinkx

  TomJerry 22:47 19 Nov 04

are you sure? I think all "recent" P4s have HT.

maybe check motherboard website to see any bios upgrade to support 800

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