FrontPage 2003 and xhtml attributes

  Simon_P 01:05 20 Nov 04

When using auto thumbnail FrontPage inserts the xthumbnail-orig-image= “filename. jpg” attribute, which does not validate with xhtml changing this is a little long winded.

Is it possible to set FrontPage to insert the “id=” attribute by default?

Requires attribute is id=”filename. jpg”

Also is it possible to set FrontPage to automatically add the alt=”” tag rather than having to put it in manually? This would enable only having to add the text. However this is not a major issue.



  Forum Editor 08:28 20 Nov 04

but it doesn't have any XHTML-specific features. If you want to code in XHTML you'll need to ensure that all tags and attributes are entered in lower case:-

Go to Tools, click on 'Page Options', and click the Code Formatting tab. Make sure that the following check boxes are selected:

Tag names are lowercase
Attribute names are lowercase

End tags are required, so make sure that the 'Omit end tags' check box is deselected.

  Simon_P 19:38 20 Nov 04


Thank you, Everything works ok and will validate if I manually change it to id="filename.jpg" etc.

fourm member

I am using transitional, As you say I probably don’t need to go the whole hog, but on a personal note I feel that if I go to the trouble of using xhtml then I may as well do it properly (just one of my quirks)

I do test my site in as many browsers as possible and so far haven’t come across any badly displayed pages.

I didn’t know about "find and replace" thanks I will try that.


  Simon_P 23:31 20 Nov 04

Find & Replace works a treat. Nice one thanks

  Simon_P 17:34 21 Nov 04

Yes that is very true, ment to tick this one oops forgot.

Thanks again


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