frontpage 2003

  Smokeyone 14:45 30 Oct 08

I have been checking some template websites for a good template to base my project on. Some of the templates say you need either frontpage or dreamweaver while others only give you the choice of frontpage. The template I like at the moment says you need frontpage 2003. As I would only like to purchase one lot of software is frontpage 2003 the one to go for. Also if anyone has a shopping place suggestion that would be good.

  mco 17:11 30 Oct 08

I would have thought that most templates could be edited in any decent webdesign program - have you looked at opensource templates click here
Are you totally new to webdesign? If so, why not try a free program first -check out netobjects fusion essentials for example which is mentioned on another post lower down here. I haven't used frontpage 2003 though I understand it has been superceded now by Expression Web

  Smokeyone 06:49 31 Oct 08

Thanks very much for the advice.

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