FrontPage 2002 Permissions for sub-web not working

  Rose Bud 13 Jun 03

Hi, I upgraded from 2000 - 2002 recently and my permissions for a sub web remained as originally set. My web server crashed and I've had to re-upload the entire site. I've put the individual users back into the permissions; they have names and passwords and browse only roles assigned to them. The problem I have is when logging into the sub-web (which is for users with a password) the password is not requested and any user can access the pages in the sub web.

Prior to the upload (due to the crash) when a user clicked on the sub web link they were asked for a name and password. Only users listed in the permissions list could get access, others were denied access.

Could anyone tell me why the system is not working and if possible how to rectify the problem. Thanks.

  Forum Editor 13 Jun 03

have the latest version of the FrontPage extensions installed on the server?

  Rose Bud 13 Jun 03


Yes the 2002 server extensions are there. Since I posted I have got it to work, but not in the way it should!! It's asking for a password when you enter the registration page and not the protected area! Also if you click cancel it will still let you in, before it would give a 401? unauthorised access code.

Any more thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

  Forum Editor 13 Jun 03

the url - or email it to me if you would rather not post it?

  Rose Bud 13 Jun 03

The URL is click here

I am a exhibitor/breeder of English Cocker Spaniels. The subweb contains nothing confidential. I tend to keep it private because I don't advertise my puppies but existing owners and people on my waiting list like to be kept informed. This way the information can be visible to those who need to see it.

Thanks for your help.

  Rose Bud 13 Jun 03

Sorry, forgot to say that I have set the permission to the same as the master web. There are dozens of people trying to see pictues of the new pups.

Would you like me to reset the permissions as unique?

  Forum Editor 14 Jun 03

I am being prompted for a username and password in the normal way.

  Rose Bud 14 Jun 03


Thanks for all you help. I did in fact delete and re-build the owners page etc. and on uploading it seems to be working as intended now. Don't know why as I did nothing different, perhaps there was a missing piece of code or some form of corruption. If there was I can't think how it derived but you know how delicate these things are!

Once again many thanks for taking the time to try and help me sort it out.


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