Frontpage 2000 won't publish Web

  murgle 07:39 15 Jan 05


I am trying to automatically upload my Websire using Frontpage 2000, but I keep getting an error message "this ftp server doesn't suport folders that contain spaces". I have checked through the Website and can not find any folders that contain any spaces.

Is there any software available that can check through all my files and folders for spaces or is this a known error with Frontpage.


  Forum Editor 08:26 15 Jan 05

FrontPage automatically checks all folder names (but not filenames) for spaces before it publishes to a server. If you need to use two words in a directory name you must link them with an underscore character (like_this) and FP will be quite happy.

I suggest that you double-check once again, to make sure that you haven't used two words in a folder name - you can forget the individual filenames, although I personally like to maintain the convention of linking with underscores for filenames too. If FrontPage continues to act up you can force it to ignore the folder names by selecting 'File', 'Publish Web' and then clicking on the 'Options' button. Select the 'Publish all pages, overwriting any already on the destination' option and then click 'Publish'.

  murgle 20:59 16 Jan 05

I never did find the space in the filename but followed your instructions and the site is now up.

Many thanks

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