Front USB connectors ??

  DW9047 17:47 25 Jul 03

Have connected the Front USB wires to mainboard ECS K7S6A. The book suggests that it should be installed as follows:-
Pin 1 +5V
Pin 2 Ground
Pin 3 USB2-
Pin 4 Empty
Pin 5 USB2+
Pin 6 USB3+
Pin 7 Ground
Pin 8 USB3-
Pin 9 Ground
Pin 10 +5V

The wires in the case are as follows:- Green 2 +D, White 1 ?D, Yellow 2 ?D, Red 1 +5v, Red 2 +5v, Blue 1 +D, Black 1 Ground, Black 2 Ground, All single pin connectors.

Straight away I am 1 Ground wire short??

I have tested the USB port to see if it works by connecting a printer to it. The front USB ports do not work, I know this only because the printer works when connected to the rear USB ports.

As the book does not refer to colours or to the wire descriptions on the wires, I have put them where i think, obviously wrong.

Any help with this please.

  Gaz 25 17:57 25 Jul 03

Thing is they are now probably useless,

Get them wrong once and they blow the Front USB's

I did this on a first build, I replaced them now, but they are hardly worth messing with, just a pain.

  DW9047 18:02 25 Jul 03

Oh Dear,

How can I test to see if they are Blown!!

Don't you just wish that things like this were more clearly illustrated, especially if it will blow on first boot if wrong.

  Rayuk 18:02 25 Jul 03

Did you enable the usb in the bios??

  DW9047 18:04 25 Jul 03


No I did not, checking this now.


  DW9047 18:12 25 Jul 03


Checked the BIOS settings, only line ref USB is :- USB Controller (in the Integrated Periherals) which was already enabled.

Have I missed what you were referring to?

  Rayuk 18:43 25 Jul 03

Will check manual.
On some boards you can enable disable certain usb ports via the bios[maybe not in your case]

  Rayuk 19:01 25 Jul 03

Cant see anything else for you to try.

  DW9047 19:08 25 Jul 03

Thanks for looking Rayuk.

  pj123 20:01 25 Jul 03

Check out this previous thread click here

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