Front USB and Audio (or at least USB)

  Gaz W 23:29 09 Sep 04

I'm looking for one of those 3.5" panels that fit into your 3.5" drive bay to give front USB ports (USB 2.0). Audio isn't essential, but wouldn't be a bad thing obviously.

The USB ports would need to connect to the internal USB header on the motherboard. I've seen plenty where you run the cable from the back into the computer and through to the front. That's not what I'm looking for; this has to be professionally done!

The trouble is, I used to be able to find these, but now that there are loads of cases with this sort of thing built in, I can't seem to locate any! Also, it's got to be cheap - nothing fancy, just bog-standard 2 USB 2.0 ports and in boring beige!

Thanks in advance for any directions to this product,


  Simon_P 23:44 09 Sep 04

click here

I havnt seen one with usb and audio

  Gaz W 00:32 10 Sep 04

Ah, now that's the sort of thing I'm talking about...

just a bit worried about the price - £20???

Is it possible to get cheaper - I was really hoping to find one for a couple of quid.

I suppose I could crudely carve out a space in the blanking plate and stick some USB ports in there!

Anyway thanks for that - I will bear it in mind until something cheaper comes up (if it does).


  Simon_P 00:58 10 Sep 04

Try this click here

I think a couple of quid is being a little ambitious.

You can try click here Good luck

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