Front on/off and reset switches for PCs

  rdave13 01 Jul 12

Have been searching for these and have only come across Maplins for a reset switch. Wonder why these don't come as a unit for PCs with cable and mobo connections supplied. Also noticed that front panels are also rare to what I could find. Do I need a specialist site for these?

Any help gratefully accepted.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 01 Jul 12
  rdave13 01 Jul 12

Thank Fruit Bat /\0/\ , I've been looking at that site but a bit puzzled. My case has two switched, on/off and reset. Both with moulded plastic buttons and cables already solderer with connection to motherboard. I see a switch assembly with a circuit? I am looking for two independent switches both as a unit with connector to motherboard. Similar as if you bought a front panel USB. Would this do for both and would I need to add a button? Not done this before as you can tell.

  rdave13 01 Jul 12

Doesn't matter, it's sold out.

  woodchip 01 Jul 12

from maplin you need a push to make switch as they do not stay connected and are low 5 volts only, run from motherboard not like old at motherboard that used a 240 volts ac switch at the front. start and reset swith do the same thing and are interchangeable

  woodchip 01 Jul 12

good place for old would be your wast dump site, ask them in charge if you can have a look

  Terry Brown 01 Jul 12

The reason they do not come as a set is because every manufacturer uses a different system of wiring.

If all you ned to do is put an on-off switch on the computer then any micro switch will do, or even something like a tablelamp push on/ push off switch.

What actually is the problem?

The same applies to front panels, they come as part of the case and every case is different.


  rdave13 01 Jul 12

Thanks woodchip but in my area they'd be well waterlogged.

  rdave13 01 Jul 12

Terry Brown there's no problem at the moment but my old Zoostorm case power switch is showing signs of wear. The case is about the only original bit that's left and I'd like to hang onto it for some peculiar reason.

  LastChip 01 Jul 12

"If all you ned to do is put an on-off switch on the computer then any micro switch will do, or even something like a tablelamp push on/ push off switch."

Um; No!

DO NOT use this kind of switch. ATX power supplies use a momentary switch and woodchip's post at 8.50pm is correct. It's pretty much the same as a front door bell push switch, but in a micro version.

  rdave13 01 Jul 12

LastChip and woodchip, more knowledge under my belt. Appreciated very much.


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