Friend 'needs' Microsoft Office'- How much?

  buel 17 Jun 13

Hi, My friend's mum is about to start a computer course of some kind and is pretty sure that she needs M'soft Office (Excell definitely). Please can I ask what sort of price she will be required to pay? I appreciate that this is an obvious question as I can just go to their site and check but I wondered if anyone knows of any reductions available etc? My friend has a 'Works' CD that he says he has yet to use on his laptop, would this do, please?

  lotvic 17 Jun 13

If she or any children or grandchildren are in education you can purchase from Software4Students Microsoft Office

Who is eligible "any family member or guardian can buy on behalf of a pupil or student"

Yes it is genuine, many on here have purchased from that site.

  lotvic 17 Jun 13

That is two links I've posted for different pages of website. I just noticed it looks as if I only posted one :) the 2nd link is for Who is eligible

  Nontek 17 Jun 13

A possible Free alternative, which I believe is compatible with Microsoft Office is Open Office ...

  buel 17 Jun 13

Thank you SO much for that. Unfortunately Im now confused by the difference between them? For example, Microsoft Office 365 University needs proof of being a students? I believe she just needs the basic Word, Excell, etc and not the likes of 'One Note' or 'Publisher', etc.

  Nontek 17 Jun 13

Whichever one you choose, I don't think you can pick-and-choose the elements of it, they come with the package. So saying she only needs this or that, does not come into it.

I may be wrong perhaps, but I don't think so.

  lotvic 17 Jun 13

buel, you wouldn't be so confused if you read the info. Look closer and read the info on the licences at the bottom. I think you will find that the Office 2013 Home and Student Perpetual license - 1 PC is the one to look at.

  wee eddie 17 Jun 13

As she will be doing a Course, she will be entitled to a Student Copy in her own right. The College, will provide the necessary documentation and possible link as to where to buy it.

I would avoid 365 unless you are living in a Metropolitan area as it requires constant Net access and, although I have not heard anything yet, I believe there will be issues of ownership, of On-line Files, at sometime in the future. I would also, if possible, get Hard Copy (CDs, you may need to pay a £10ner extra) rather than downloads

What is the Course and why is she doing it?

A little bit of planning might be of benefit here as the Student Copy will be hers for long after the Course is over and so it would be sensible to look into the future and see what programs she might be needing.

  lotvic 17 Jun 13

More choice on seem to be about same price as Software4Students. You can get MS Office 2010 as well as 2013. Home & Student editions, both are about same price.

You buy the keycard and download the .exe or .iso from Microsoft (Digital River)

Here's the page with details and all the direct download links for Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 if you want to burn a DVD and install on a trial basis prior to buying a key.

  BT 18 Jun 13

When I bought my laptop I got a copy of Word and Excel with it. They are fully working versions and the only difference is that they have a small 'Nag' panel. From what I have heard its quite common for new machines to have this as part of the 'included' software. You have to find it and 'install' it for want of a better word, but if you only need Word and Excel it does the job.

  Zak 18 Jun 13

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