friend needs help

  mohawk32 10:30 18 Dec 08

Hello. I recently asked a question, would a soundcard sound better on an expensive motherboard rather than a budget one. The general opinion was, no. That the board does not affect or apply any limitations to hardware.
If that is so why do some people pay hundreds for a motherboard. If the sound and graphics are going to be the same then what are they getting for the extra money? And is it worth it?
Many thanks in advance. John.

  Technotiger 10:35 18 Dec 08

All down to personal preference - One might as well say why do people buy beautiful big Rolls Royce's and Ferrari's when a Mini Cooper will do the same thing, well almost!!

Is it worth it? ... for those who pay the money I guess it is worth it.

  Seth Haniel 11:44 18 Dec 08

is a first priority
you can have the best sound card in the world but if the speakers are not up to scratch you will have music not up to scratch.

  nosharpe 12:18 18 Dec 08

Expensive motherboards are geared towards improved performance in CPU and graphics rather than sound.
Expensive motherboards do the job but I don't think that the cost outweighs the visual benefit - more the ego.

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