Fridaysoft File securer

  JammyD 10:43 11 Jan 07

Question: Are Fridaysoft a trustworthy software supplier?
If no, can you advise me on how I can retrieve a folder locked by them, see problem described below?
If yes, any idea why they don't respond to my emails?

Problem: I down loaded shareware from what I believed to be PC Adviser's web site in so doing a window now pops up asking for a password. thinking that I had already applied a password I tried what I thought to be the correct password when that didn't work I tried variations without success. I then Went back to fridaysoft's web site and discovered I should initially use "password" as the password. This I tried without success. Stupidly I'll admit but a couple of days later, having right clicked on a folder one of the line items in the menu stated "Lock with File Securer" (and here's the stupid part) I clicked on it to see what would happen. The result is that the folder is now locked with a ".hrd" extension and when I try to open it, it asks for a password, which takes me back to the beginning. I've emailed Fridaysoft twice this past week but have had no response(they say they usually get back within 24 hrs). Please HELP!

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