Frequent Internet Outages on One PC

  SharkSpider 20 Jun 13

Recently my desktop PC started having intermittent internet outages, where I would be able to ping the router (wired connection) but not any websites. These last anywhere between thirty seconds and two hours. Restarting the computer after uninstalling the network adapter drivers seems to get the internet started again, but the outages start soon after that.

Laptops connected wirelessly to my router don't seem to have any issues, nor do laptops that I plug in using the same cable setup as my desptop PC (after turning off wireless of course) so I'm quite certain that the hardware outside the PC is sound and that the problem is internal in the PC.

Strangely enough, when I connected the PC in question to a laptop and bridged the connections with internet sharing, the intermittent outages started affecting both the PC and the laptop simultaneously. The laptop regains its connectivity within seconds of being disconnected with the PC.

I haven't ruled out a virus yet, but I've tried several different virus scanning programs, and I've had Avast fully active on the trouble PC from the start.

Any help would be appreciated, right now the only way I can get a consistent connection is to swap the cable between a wireless laptop and my wall connection whenever it goes out, which seems to get me constant connection with breaks coming anywhere from thirty seconds to an hour.

Other notes:

Windows 7 on all PCs. No recent hardware changes. Rogers high speed in Canada, no way to change ISP. Network is about 5 PCs, all laptops except the one. Router responds well to ping tests during down time.

  spuds 20 Jun 13

I will be watching this post with interest, because I raised a similar problem regarding a laptop that suddenly stopped connecting to the internet, and no real solution was found.

  Woolwell 20 Jun 13

Rebooted the router?


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