French language Windows PC to English

  puylaurens 08:54 21 Jul 07


I have a PC with Windows XP Media Centre in French. Is it possible to switch it to English without buying a new version of Windows?

Whilst I live in France, English is my 1st language.


  Daibus 09:21 21 Jul 07


  Taff™ 09:26 21 Jul 07

Try Control Panel>Regional/ & Language Options. There are three tabs and you need to change each one to English (UK), British etc I think a reboot may be required.

  crosstrainer 10:18 21 Jul 07

The Windows Installation CD if the required language files are not present on your hdd. You can remove the French language completley if you want to.

  wotbus@ 10:30 21 Jul 07

Hi. I was in the same position some time ago. No, regrettably it's not possible. The other bad news is, when you install some English software you are presented with a "doubling up" of English/French menu's! It's OK if you want a quick reference to the French equivalents etc etc, but I stuck with mine for over a year and it was a big help in learning the French IT vocabulary - something it may take a while longer to do without ;-)
The spin off is I am able to navigate and fault find quickly on my wife's PC and those of my friends with problems. For comfort, my own PC is now a home-built (Mesh with my own top end internals) with it's original UK OS.
With regard to the other posts - the language settings refers to Keyboard and how you want to read your dates/times/monies etc. There is no way to change the language of the entire OS from one to another, be it French/English or otherwise.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:45 21 Jul 07

Be suprised if you can't change it to English US.

a couple of years ago I change one from Hebrew to English US and back again.

  Daibus 11:11 22 Jul 07

Yes, I tried to change my Spanish version of Windows XP to English but with no success unfortunately.

I even spoke to Microsoft directly about it and they confrmed the position but it always makes me smile as with the Mac OS X operating system the language can be changed easily, with just one click of the mouse!

  Boghound 12:54 22 Jul 07

A complete reinstall of English XP is required or a duel-boot.

  amonra 13:39 22 Jul 07

English and French keyboards are totally different so not possible.

  Quiet Life 14:03 22 Jul 07

wotbus is right . You cannot change the operating system language. Whatever Fruit Bat is referring to it was not a MS operating system.
I have run XP in Portuguese for over a year without amy knowledge of the language and soon got used to it. I down loaded IE7 in English and all my programs are in English with the exception of Outlook Express.
I have Media Centre on a laptop and I think it would be harder if that was in Portuguese.

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