freezing cursor

  firebirdb 10:44 30 Dec 08

running, windows XP if I leave Pc for a while, I come back whilst still online, and cursor has "Frozen" it cannot be moved, control, alt, delete, does nothing, the only way to bring it back is to reboot

  isca2 10:49 30 Dec 08

Laptop ? Desktop ? Mouse ? Touchpad ? Trackball ? etc...

  firebirdb 10:56 30 Dec 08


  isca2 11:01 30 Dec 08

Probably the 1st easy test is to change the mouse if you can and see what happens and also use a different USB port ( assuming USB, not wireless). Does the freeze happen at other times if not using browser ?

  firebirdb 11:09 30 Dec 08

I have, had this problem before, and diconnected my "wireless mouse" problem has returned , shall try usb port, thanks

  firebirdb 22:48 14 Jan 09

problem still remains, cannot alter port on mouse, it is a colour coded, plug.
Would using Itunes for my music, and picasa for my photos cause this problem ?

  jarsek 00:02 15 Jan 09

At time of freezing, check your HDD access light and see if it is on constantly.

Also, once you do your alt, ctrl del wait for a minute of two to see if the task manager finally appears. If it does, go to processes then click the CPU column (twice I think) to put the highest CPU usage process to the top. My theory is that a process (possibly a trojan) is using 100% of your processor time and doing this may help you find out what it is. Best wishes,

  isca2 09:16 15 Jan 09

Picassa & I Tunes would not cause a problem. Get a USB mouse and try that and see if problem persists.

  firebirdb 19:31 19 Jan 09

bought a new mouse, and connected it using a USB port, problem, still persists, in any window.
Uninstalled most, downloads, ie Picasa, Skype, has not helped !

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