Freezing & Bit Knackered PC

  Ste R 62 10:50 04 Apr 03

I have a 2 yr old Tiny PC think it was called 'entertainment extreme' at the time. 1.2 athalon processor, nvidia2 32mb graphics card, 30gb hard drive, currently 128mb (pc100) memory (was 256mb pc133), windows ME, not sure what motherboard think it has onbard sound (can't spot anything that looks vaguely like a sound card anyway).

This was freezing a few month ago and ended up crashing completely and did not work for a while. Took it too a shop and they replaced one of the memory sticks. It worked for a while but then started crashing again. I have tried reformatting the hard drive, reinstalling windows, norton and defrags etc. Tried updating the drivers a while ago to no avail. Have also tried resetting some of the bios settings. In the end i have taken it apart and removed one of the memory sticks leaving me with only the 128mb. I have also left the sides off incase it was an overheating problem. The machine now works sort of - I start it up and start doing something (playing a game for example) and after 5 or so minutes it will freeze up and need resetting, after the reset it seems to work fine until the next time i use it!!
Don't currently have a lot software installed just the basic stuff from the backup CD thing and a few games.

I am currently contemplating replacing some bits on advice from a friend(motherboard or memory or both)would this help?

Any ideas would be gratefully recieved!

  recap 10:59 04 Apr 03

It does sound like the motherboard is on the way out Ste R 62. Can the shop you spoke about test the memory & motherboard for you?

  Ste R 62 11:09 04 Apr 03

not the one that did the original piece of work (it closed down!!) but there are enough others around to have a look at it for me. Might try that but will the leave the posting open for now aswell.


  Ste R 62 11:21 04 Apr 03

I want to upgrade from the 128memory, so i am trying to decide whether it would be worth replacing the motherboard at the same time and getting pc2100 or so memory. I just don't want to end up replacing all of it.

  medicine hat 12:38 04 Apr 03

I am wondering whether your use of PC100 memory could be causing a problem. What is the FSB of the Athlon? If it set at 133, try temporarily reducing it to 100 to see if that makes the system more stable.

  Ste R 62 13:17 04 Apr 03

could be (the original memory was 133), although it started playing up with the PC133 memory in it. how do i change the FSB?

  medicine hat 14:52 04 Apr 03

Changing the FSB depends on the motherboard - could be with a jumper or in bios. Do you have the mobo manual?

  Ste R 62 10:28 07 Apr 03

no board manual was a tiny package so didn't get any of the hardware manuals. I'll have a look throught the bios menu see if i can spot anything.

  medicine hat 13:07 07 Apr 03

Belarc Advisor click here may tell you which motherboard you have and then you can search for a copy of its manual on the Internet

  Ste R 62 11:17 08 Apr 03

Will try that, thanks

Will also resolve this issue for now.

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