Freezing up

  Hetti 22:12 10 Jan 05

When I try to open control panel I click start>control panel then nothing happens for at least 2 mins then contol panel will appear, I can use the items on desktop and the internet in the meanwhile, but if I try to go back to start nothing happens, I also notice if I mimimise any web pages I cannot resore them as it has frozen. I run Win ME

  Rtus 22:24 10 Jan 05

if your short of hard drive space,try a clean-up of all surplus temp files & then defrag

  Hetti 22:51 10 Jan 05

Thanks i did that, it seems a bit better maybe I need more hard drive as you suggest is it easy to add for a novice like myself?

  britto 22:58 10 Jan 05

I run ME found some good ideas click here
using defrag in safe mode and cleaning out temp files every week also helps a lot.

  Rtus 22:27 11 Jan 05

what size hard drive do you have now? & size of memory Fitted ?

  Hetti 19:15 12 Jan 05

I have just added 256MB to give me 512 total memory, and I have 40g hard drive

  Rtus 19:27 12 Jan 05

its after this your freezing started ? there-fore the clue is "just added memory" my guess is you dont have a matched pair, the first ones likey to be generic mem of different brand to the newer dim youve put back if thats not the case giving details of mem speed etc..

  Rtus 19:30 12 Jan 05

by the way 40gb is adequate for Me ,but does tend to leave it open to overloading . Next question would be just how much of the 40gb have you free.

  Hetti 19:38 12 Jan 05


I cannot get to the PC in question until tomorrow, I will check it then and let you know about the hard drive space

  Rtus 19:51 12 Jan 05

aim for a loading of roughly a third used & everything remains servicable, if the drives slightly above half used tends to slow system down.

  dan11 20:18 12 Jan 05

Hetti's memory upgrade click here

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