freeze up

  magpie04 18:28 29 Oct 03

I'm using a speedtouch 330 ADSL modem & it appears to be causing repeat lock up of my system Ive changed from windows 98se to ME the problem isn't as bad but still happens too often.If I unplug the (USB) modem all seems well

  oglemire 22:23 29 Oct 03

make sure you are using the latest device driver.

  magpie04 22:34 29 Oct 03

Thanks for that but I had a new modem & driver sent from ISP provider,still more or less same trouble.
cheers magpie

  A_World_Maker 23:11 29 Oct 03

Have you got a USB printer using the same USB hub as your modem?
You might also check that no background programmes aren't stealing the computer cycles away from your surfing, maybe check for viruses. Also have you run any adware checkers, they also suck resources.

  A_World_Maker 23:11 29 Oct 03

the adware, not the checkers LOL.. sorry about the confusion there

  magpie04 16:35 30 Oct 03

re USB sharing I thought that had cured it.But its re-occured damn.Back to the drawing board.I've cleaned the hard drive,used a utility from matrox to check hard drive for bad sectors test o/k,only reinstalled drivers for hardware and its still happening ? I do not know how to check for memory drain !

  A_World_Maker 17:00 30 Oct 03

Check the Interupts, make sure the devices are sharing the same IRQ

  magpie04 17:06 30 Oct 03

sorry you've lost me,I'm on a steep learnig curve here and seem to be sliding back wards

  A_World_Maker 17:25 30 Oct 03

Imagine a processor is like a clock face. At every hour there is a 'Questions and Answers' point, this is where peripherals gain access to the central processor to get anything done, this is called an interupt. Some peripherals can share a single interupt, assuming they will not be requesting information or commands from the processor at the same time. This would cause confusion and a potential freeze up. USB hubs share a dwindling set of interupts with other devices. What might help you in your curve and allow you to check the information, try installing this software and using it. Don't worry there is nothing there that will break.
click here=

  magpie04 17:31 30 Oct 03

thanks for that! Will try it.

  magpie04 20:31 05 Nov 03

having discussed this problem with a couple of people & in vue of the fact I intended to network two PC's together,I have purchased a modem/router with Ethernet PCI cards and hence not use the USB modem.This seems to have efected a cure.
Many thanks for all the help & sugestions

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