Freeserve wanadoo @ £17.99

  rins36 16:44 28 Apr 04

for 512kb is this worth getting? I pay the same price for dial up, but this seems too good to miss out on

Any tips/advice appreciated


  Chegs ® 17:00 28 Apr 04

As a new user,Freeserve are offering ADSL @ 15.99 for few mths.I was reading another post advising folks to ask Freeserve for their CBUK ref number,as this was producing a new price for their connections.

  Smegs 17:02 28 Apr 04

It sounds good. Do you do a lot of downloading?? If you do then your restriced to 2GB amonth. If you don't, then it's a good offer.

  Old Shep 17:05 28 Apr 04

Why are you paying the same price for dialup. I pay £14.99 per month anytime with Wanadoo (Freeserve) As Chegs ® says if you speak to them they will reduce the fee as previous postings have intimated.

  rins36 20:54 28 Apr 04

cheers all will log on to there website & see what there is on offer

I am currently using BT24/7 hence £17.99 per month, dont do much downloading, but my son wants to do some music cd's off the net


  rins36 22:21 28 Apr 04


  rins36 23:30 29 Apr 04

up please advise

  Smegs 00:31 30 Apr 04

rins36, what more do you want to know?? I'm on Freeserve/Wanadoo, 512kbps at £27.99 a month. Looking around the web, you can get the same deal at less money. I do a lot of downloads, so the £17.99 is no good to me. Reading your first thread, you don't do much downloading. It's a good deal, as your paying the same as dial-up.

  feb 00:48 30 Apr 04

So does the £17.99 have a download limit and the £27.99 not?

  Smegs 00:51 30 Apr 04

feb, the £17.99 has a limit to 2Gb a month. £27.99 is unmetered.

  feb 00:56 30 Apr 04


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