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Freeserve ISP connection keeps dropping

  Riccall One 20:03 19 May 04

I am working on Windows 98 and have been with Freeserve Any Time for 6 months with no problems until about a week ago when my connection to ISP dropped after 20secs. I have been in concact with Freeserve or Wanadoo and have tried all they have suggested to no avail. I can connect to Tiscali Pay As You Go without any problems. I find that When I am connected to Freeserve at 38667bps this is when the problem occurs. When I am connected to Tiscali its 42667bps. Freeserve seem to have given up on the problem and don't want to know.
Any one any suggestions. All my settings are correct, BT line checked OK

  Old Shep 20:10 19 May 04

I am with Freeserve anytime and have been with them for years. Never had your problem but they do keep updating the phone number to cope with demand.You have to check their web site to find out otherwise they rarely tell you. At the moment it should be 147008089916080.

  HXP 21:04 19 May 04


A few suggestions for you and sorry if
I have not fully understood you problem. Part of my reasoning is as speeds rise the modem more susceptable to noise.

How long are you connected to Freeserve before connection goes ? Is it always 20 seconds or just when connection speed is as you state ?

If for example it drops after x mins can you consistantly hold the pay as you go connection for that length of time.

Some things you can try :

1. unplug everything from your phone line ( phones/sky boxes/ans machines etc) then try using the modem and see if any different.

2. Check call waiting not enabled on line - the warning bleep can kill i/net conn.

3. Dial 1 from your phone and listen for noise on the line.

4. get BT to turn up the gain on the line via 151 as this can help.

That's all I can think of hope it helps


  Riccall One 21:25 19 May 04

Old Shep. I have tried 4 different numbers that Freeserve have provided and all drop out after about 20 sec.

The connection drops after about 20 sec of Freeserve and I can old the connection on Tiscali any length of time, that is normally about 42667bps or 40000bps. I have tried all 4 of your suggestion and still have the same problem.

  Riccall One 20:09 20 May 04

I have now changed my modem and I can once again stay connected with Freeserve but I have lost my connection with Tiscali still you can not win them all

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