craigy1 08:37 02 Nov 03

hi everyone.

I have a friend who is with freeserve dialup.
His problem is that him and his wife have 2 email accounts but they both get each others email when opening outlook express.

Now the account with freeserve has one password and part of the email is the same. the only difference is the name of the email at the beginning.
ie say
[email protected] and
[email protected]

their user name would be
and they have one password to get their mail from freeserve.

they log in the pc as 2 users and they have outlook to get their mail individually.

My question is that if say tomas logs on to read his own email he will also have recieved a copy of any mail sent to clare.

How do I stop this. I know it seems complicated in what I have said. But I do know that out look is configured just to get one email instead of two.

It looks like out look is saying that although the account is under, it ignores whatever is at the beginning of it and gets both sets of email.

If anyone can help I would be very grateful, I will reply later today.

  Djohn 12:17 02 Nov 03


  beeuuem 14:50 02 Nov 03

I've tried to do this with my Freeserve account using two mail addresses and can't get it to work. It seems that you need a seperate mailbox on the server( ntl provide these with seperate passwords which gives privacy for individual mail accounts on the same main account)
Which is not to say it can't be done, merely that I haven't found a way.

Hope that someone comes up with answer for you.

  Skeletor 15:10 02 Nov 03


I had exactly the same question several months ago, tried several places for a solution, think I even tried this forum. In the end I gave up.

I may be wrong but I think, with the combination of Freeserve and Outlook Express you are unable to direct individual e-mails to individual user accounts. I hope I am wrong, as it would come in very useful.

Good luck

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