freerip causes PC...

  iqs 18:58 10 Sep 07

Hello.I have just installed Freerip-MP3.

When I clicked on the desktop icon,my PC switched it self off.This also happened when I tried to un-install the software via add/remove all programs.The only way around this was to use system restore.Everything else work ok.Any ideas please?.

WIN XP Media Ed SP2

  I am Spartacus 19:29 10 Sep 07

If it's the software produced by MGShareware then I have both version 2.945 and version 3.0 installed and running without a problem. I use the earlier version as it's less bloatware than the later one.

Earlier version is available from click here although I didn't get mine from that link. The MGShareware site doesn't seem to be working anymore.

  iqs 21:30 10 Sep 07

I am Spartacus.The version I downloaded was the latest edition.

The reason I installed a newer ver was because Bullguard was detecting a virus which was located in the same file as the older ver of Freerip,Adware.My Way.X.

The older ver worked fine with my PC,except for the virus .The newer release........

I will use your link and download the earlier ver.

Fingers crossed.

Cheers I am Spartacus

  I am Spartacus 22:26 10 Sep 07

If you have any problem with another download then send me a message via the yellow envelope next to my name and I'll mail the version I downloaded in May 2006 to you.

I've used it on 3 PCs without a problem. My AV has never detected a virus in it.

  I am Spartacus 22:41 10 Sep 07

I've just looked at the download on the link I gave and it's 1.8MB. My copy which is supposedly the same version is only 1.1MB. Something doesn't look right.

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