freeonline - any up to date info?

  palinka 12:09 03 Sep 05

The only threads are 2 years old, so does anyone have more recent experience of freeonline as a broadband supplier. Friend is thinking of switching to this from dial-up with Wanadoo. Any advice/experience welcomed.

  Audeal 12:47 03 Sep 05

I think it closed down.

  palinka 13:23 03 Sep 05

No, it's running; cheapest offering is £14.99 a month , and is recommended to friend by someone he knows who uses it. But I'd never heard of it, hence my appeal for recent experience. I had suggested Tiscali (same price, and price is important in this case)

  octal 14:03 03 Sep 05

I think this is them click here They appear to be something to do with PlusNet, their rates don't look too bad. Sorry I've never used them, so I can't tell more.

  palinka 15:16 03 Sep 05

thanks, Octal; I'll try again in consumerwatch.

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