freemake music box

  geedad 05 Jan 12

I have installed freemake music box (, but can't hear anything! All of my other programs that require audio are working fine, so I wonder if any forum member has had the opportunity to try this free music player, and has had the same experience? Their freemake video converter is excellent, and I have been in touch with them about the 'music box', but because of the festive season, had no answer yet. They DID initially say that I should update my Adobe Flash Player, but I have the latest versions for 32 AND 64bit mode. geedad

  geedad 06 Jan 12

Lazarus The 2nd Thank you,Lazarus The 2nd, but I don't use YouTube, and indeed, none of the other social networks. geedad

  eedcam 06 Jan 12

Just installed it out of curiosity and same problem little video says I need latest adobe flash player crap I already have that.Emailed their support all on holiday

  eedcam 06 Jan 12

OK got it working I uninstalled it the reinstalled used custom install and allowed it to install flash player ????? and now it works ok

  geedad 21 Jan 12


Didn't spot this reply of yours until now! Must try that soon,and thanks! geedad

  geedad 23 Jan 12

eedcam Thanks!

Works OK now! geedad

  eedcam 23 Jan 12

Glad you are sorted


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